This team was honoured to receive a “Heritage in Motion Awards” Special Mention at the European Cultural Heritage Summit, 2021 (by Europeana, Europa Nostra, EMA).

María Zozaya-Montes

Spain/ Portugal

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She was born in Madrid, and studied History at Complutense University of Madrid (2008, Spain), where she was awarded the PhD Extraordinary Prize in History (2009) and the BA Prize of History Degree ( 1999). She also received the Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Ronda Award (RMR, 1999), the Spanish Social History Society Research Prize (AHS, 2007), & Villa de Madrid Award Antonio Maura (2008). She received 4 grants to study leisure and sociability spaces held at the National Council for Spanish Research, CSIC (1998-2008); had a “Juan de la Cierva” Postdoctoral research contract at Valladolid´s University (2008/11), and FCT Research Grant at CIDEHUS, University of Évora (2013/19), where she currently has an FCT Research Contract (2019-…).

She researches Cultural History. Her speciality is sociability studies: social relationships, cultural history, the creation of identities, and cultural heritage. She directed a documentary about associations, has written many papers and lectured at international conferences. Author of 5 books, editor of the book From Sociability to Cultural Heritage. She is co-founder and co-Director of the Heritales Heritage Film Festival (Évora 2016/25). Read her research!

Nicola Schiavotiello,

Italy/ Portugal

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He born In Italy, near Rome, and he earned a Computer Visualization and Animation degree at Bournemouth University (UK). He worked as a graphic designer in London, in the video game and 3d animation industry, and as a virtual historical and landscape reconstruction designer at the University of Stirling (UK), under the Virtual Landscape Centre.

In 2006 he got an MSc in Computing Archaeology (Spatial Technologies)  at the University of Southampton (UK), where he also worked for APSS on various archaeological projects. In 2009 he gained a scholarship at the University of Évora and joined the Radiopast project, where he worked for 3d documentation, reconstruction and as a field archaeological technician. He worked at the Museu Cidade de Ammaia (Portugal), developing 3d applications for the public and continuing 3d structure and artefacts documentation. He is a History PhD Candidate of the CIDEHUS at the University of Évora. His investigation is based on Cultural Heritage Interpretation for the public with 3d real-time computer visualization techniques for digital storytelling, virtual reality, and archaeological & cultural heritage interpretation.

Fernando Mendes, Portugal

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Fernando Mendes grew up in Sintra, Lisbon, and now lives in Alentejo. has worked in recording, editing and mastering sound since 2004. His enthusiasm for music accompanies him throughout his life, studying music, being part of bands and leading him to his decision to leave his university career. He attended university in Évora, first with a Water Resources Engineering course, later Computer Science and Engineering course, which did not end with dedicating his professional vocation to music.

He studied audio production techniques at the ISAM school in Montemor-o-Novo. Already devoted to the area of music, he taught the discipline of the physics of sounds at the professional school “Ofício das Artes” in Montemor-o-Novo. Since 2003, it has operated more than 1000 live concerts in European countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Czechoslovakia: in auditoriums, small rooms or music festivals. He has recorded sound for documentaries and short films. Due to his interest in languages, he carries out translations into the Portuguese language.

Takis Sarantopoulos, Greece/ Portugal

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Takis Sarantopoulos was born in southern Greece and now lives in Portugal, Alentejo, where he earns his livelihood as an archaeologist-museologist and curator of exhibitions. He is involved in many cultural and heritage activities within the Borough of Evora. He is a passionate screenwriter and produces short films and documentaries on intangible and tangible heritage. He is the co-creator of the  Cine-sessions Tardes Cinéfilas. He was Juri of the film festival Cine-eco directed by Lauro António and took part in the committee of the FIKE Film Festival, and is the jury director of Heritales film festival. He has participated in the production or direction of the short films related to cultural heritage: “O torneiro da Mouraria”, “Passando à de Zé Marôvas”, “The Villa of a Roman Senator”, “Entre Ser”, “Loja 18”, “Megalíthic Enclosures”, “Manuel Dias, bonequeiro”.


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