The crucial goal for Heritales is to disseminate heritage knowledge in different supports as arts, theatre, and cinema. We consider that those lands are essential complements for education. To verify it, we investigate the impact that the personal sessions can create in small and medium villages, during the year or the annual ceremony.
As we believe in the importance of open sources to spread cultural and natural heritage, you could read the abstracts of our festival’s short and long publications in this section.

You can read about our actions:

-Projecting cinema recorded in historical Places 

-Film projections about African Heritage

-Changing the image of OTHERs Heritage, as African culture

-Showing Sustaintable Heritage

-Projections in Artistic Instalations


Transfer of Knoweledge

-The importance of new forms of transfer of knowledge 

-How to learn about different cultures watching Heritales

-The importance of building new knowledge about heritage

-Our presence at European Researchers Night, showing the importance of Heritage.

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