Extended Team since 2022

Besides the main organizers of Heritales Film Festival in Portugal (Zozaya, Schiavotiello, Sarantopoulos & Mendes), Heritales Film Festival invited other members and comrades to spread the interest in cultural and natural Heritage among more countries and citizens. We introduce our collaborators in order of activities organization in 2022:

Susana Gutiérrez

Buenos Aires (Argentina) / Évora (Portugal)

Susana Gutiérrez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 13, 1971. She began his studies in Music in 1980 at Fracasi del Carril Conservatory and graduated in 1992 as Music Therapist at the University of Salvador. Was invited by Dr. Rolando Benenzon to participate in the Music Therapy Research with Patients in Coma at the Gral de Agudos Hospital Juan A. Fernández. Susana was a lecturer at Seminars and Conferences in Argentina, Spain and Portugal giving speeches about the clinical intervention of Music Therapy with children with disabilities. She was a commissioner from 2009 to 2014 at the CPCJ in Évora. Since 2001 she has been a Music Therapist at the Cerebral Palsy Association of Évora at the Rehabilitation and Social Integration teams and at the Center for Early Intervention and Development. Coordinates the Inclusive Dance Project “InclusivE” in the same association. In Portugal she continued his training where acquired in May of 2015 the Degree of Doctor in Psychology with mention of European Doctoral Degree. She was a guest teacher at the University Master’s Degree in Music Therapy from the Catholic University of Valencia, San Vicente Martir- Valencia-Spain 2016-2019. She has been a professor since 2018 in the University Master´s Degree in Music Therapy from the Lusíada University of Lisbon. Member of the editorial board of the Brazilian Journal of Music Therapy – BRJMT (Revista Brasileira de Musicoterapia).

Miguel Serra

Beja (Portugal)

Miguel Serra is an archaeologist with a degree in History, variant of Archaeology at University of Coimbra, Portugal (1999). He has been a Senior Technician at the Division of Culture and Heritage of the Municipality of Serpa since 2017. He is also a Collaborating Researcher at the Center for the Study of Archaeology, Arts and Heritage Sciences (University of Coimbra), Scientific Coordinator of the “Outeiro do Circo” Archaeological Project (Beja, Portugal), and Member of the Group of Friends of the Regional Museum of Beja, Chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of “Ressurrectos” – Cultural Association (Beja, Portugal) and member of the board of the General Assembly of the Association for the Defense of Heritage of Beja.

Almudena Martín Pérez

Córdoba (Spain) / Évora (Portugal)

Architect by the E.T.S. of Architecture of the University of Seville (2009), graduated in Scenography by the E.S. of Dramatic Art of Cordoba (2013). Graduate of the Official Master’s Degree in Live Performance Arts (U.S.) and Master’s Degree in Teaching (U.S.), she is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Historical Heritage (U.S. – I.A.P.H.). She has taught in Higher Education in Dramatic Art in the Degree of Scenography, F.P., Baccalaureate and E.S.O. in the field of science, technology and drawing. Secretary of the Association for the Defence of the Industrial Heritage of Cordoba.

Currently a doctoral student, she is an integrated researcher member of CIDEHUS-UÉ. She is developing her thesis in the research line of creative reuse of Industrial Heritage (CIDEHUS-University of Évora | IUACC- University of Seville). Interested in the development of interdisciplinary projects that interrelate science, technology and art. She has developed among others: Projects and competitions in the field of architecture and heritage (2005-2020). Projects in the field of scenography (2012-2018). Map of scenic resources of the city of Cordoba (2013). Colaboration in the project for the Documentation of the Industrial Heritage of Cordoba (2021).

Rocío Royo

Madrid (Spain)

Cultural manager and graduate in law with different postgraduate degrees in the fields of cultural management, art and social intervention, accessibility and quality. Design and coordinate for different public and private institutions, from Espacio C, events, festivals and meetings where the public feels that it is the protagonist, generating close spaces of emotion and exchange of cultural, patrimonial and artistic thought, with deep respect towards creative processes and its impact on people. Its line of action is based on the analysis and respect of the environment with the commitment to contribute to society through sustainable, accessible and inclusive work.
She is the organizer of the first edition of Dragons de Robledo, Festival of Art and Heritage 2018, endorsed within the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. Founded in 2012, programs and manages the Corneta Association, a non-profit cultural association, Brunete, Madrid, Spain.

José Miguel Gutiérrez

Córdoba (Spain)

Professor and researcher in the field of Textual Analysis of Cinema and Photography. He has published numerous essays on the subject in specialized books and magazines and has given lectures, seminars and courses at institutes and universities. He has a degree in Chemical Sciences from the University of Córdoba, studied Cinematography at the University of Valladolid and postgrad studies in Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid. Linked to this university, he was a founding member of the Trama y Fondo Cultural Association and of the specialized magazine on Textual Analysis that the association has published every six months since 1996, currently forming part of its Board of Directors. He has directed the X International Congress of Textual Analysis on the Copla, with a section dedicated to Spanish cinema, held at the University of Córdoba in February 2019. He is the editor of the book La Copla. La fértil estela cultural de un género eterno, published by Editorial Almuzara in 2021. He currently directs the Cinema and Photography Area of Real Círculo de la Amistad de Córdoba.

Ema Pires

Goias (Brasil)/ Lisbon & Évora (Portugal)

Ema Pires (PdH Anthropology, ISCTE-IUL, Portugal) is an Anthropologist and Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University of Évora (Portugal). She is currently Visiting Professor at Federal University of Goias (Brazil), during academic year 2022-2023. Having done prolonged anthropological fieldwork in Portugal and West Malaysia, her research interests deal with resistance and reciprocity; social appropriations of built form, the politics of identity and space, heritagization and tourism processes (in Asian and European contexts), along with critical anthropology of Portuguese colonialism. She is a researcher at Institute of Contemporary History (Portugal). In recent years, she has been a visiting scholar in Complutense University of Madrid (2017), University of Aix-Marseille (France, 2019), National University of Brasília (2017) and Marmara University (Istambul, 2018, 2020). She counts with many scientific research on Cultural Heritage.

Arnold Kapinova

Tirana (Albania)

Arnold Kapinova studied Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management in the University of Tirana. As a professional archaeologist he worked in development-led, scientific, and Community Archaeology projects. He was one of the senior archaeologists in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project, where he surveyed, excavated and documented archaeological sites ranging from the Neolithic to the 18th century. Other professional and volunteering experiences include social work and assistance in ethnographic fieldwork. He is also a theater enthusiast and he has been part of experimental and amateur theater projects in Serbia, France and Albania. In 2021 I started practicing Theatre of the Oppressed with Grupi ATA, a group of local activists in the municipality of Kamëz in the area of Greater Tirana. Currently he reside in Albania and his current professional life resolves around archaeology, social work and organizing independent tour guides. In addition, he sometimes translate literary or academic writings from Spanish, English and Italian in Albanian.

Mónica Vázquez

Zaragoza (Spain)

Mónica Vázquez Astorga is a Doctor in Art History at the University of Zaragoza with his doctoral thesis José Borobio Ojeda (1907-1984): training, artistic activity and contribution to contemporary Aragonese architecture, defended in 2005. He is a professor at the Department of History of the Art of the University of Zaragoza and of the University of the Experience of this institution. She specializes in contemporary art and works especially on architecture from this period. Her doctoral thesis was based on the study of the broad architectural and artistic production of José Borobio Ojeda, having published several scientific works between books and articles related to this topic.
Its research interests have been the study of other artists and architects, as well as some of the artistic manifestations of the 19th and 20th siglos (cartel art, graphic humor and the world of the sketch and its protagonists, among others) . In recent years, her research activity has focused on school architecture and historic European cafes as spaces for the practice of public sociability, which has been shaped in several scientific publications.

Panagiota Koutsoukou

 Ioannina, Epirus (Greece)

Panagiota Koutsoukou was born in Athens in 1974. she studied Art Conservation in Greece and continued her studies at the Architecture of the University “Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria” in Italy, with a degree in Architecture in the sector of History and Conservation of Architecture and Natural Heritage. Postgraduate studies at the Department of Materials Engineering, University of Ioannina. For several years has worked at the Ministry of Culture in the field of ‘Art Works Conservation’. She is co-founder of the “EcoMuseumZagori”, where she is responsible for highlighting the region’s cultural heritage as well as advising groups on the creation of cultural industry units. She worked for the NGO “The Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA)” in the field of Sustainable Development Projects. Panagiota is also a member of the committee for the sustainable development of the Municipality of Thermo. Panagiota is an external collaborate of Creative Thinking Development (CRETHIDEV).

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